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Jehovah Shalom

I cry out


I feel so far from home;

The place where I experience 


Anxiety and fear yet

Shalom is near.

You, my Jehovah Shalom are here.

He gives peace in the storm;

Yet we don't speak about the storm.

Unglamorous it may be;

For a time, 

Unwanted if you'd asked me.

"He calms the storm."

Yet we don't mention the storm

'Cause if I admit a storm

Some may say

Am I really born



We don't mention the storm.

"He calms the storm"

He's done it before,

Proved faithful forevermore.

Waves of worry roar,

Anxiety floods

Hoping to sink this vessel;

Yet I am His vessel. 


He calms the storm.

What gifts!

The Word; 

That calms the raging storm


The storm;

Letting me see it bow to the Word;


My Jehovah Shalom,

How kind of you to mention

The Storm.

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