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I've gotta let go.

Sometimes the Lord calls us to let go of what’s good, sometimes even things He may have given. 


When fists are clenched so tightly onto even good things, we are unable to receive the far better things that the Lord has in store for us. I’m letting go of a lot of things in this season, and honestly it hurts. My childhood. My job. My school. A relationship. Pretty soon I’ll be letting go of a lot more things as I prepare for the race. I’ll be forced to let go of my friends and family for some time. I’ll be forced out of the familiarity that I’ve lived in and grown to love, and I’ll be transitioning into the unknown. I’ll be letting go of my comfort zone and intentionally stepping into uncomfortable places with the understanding that this is where God will grow me and where my faith will be tested. The Lord is also ridding me of some things that aren’t good, but He ALWAYS replaces them with better things. He is taking my anxiety and fears, and instead giving me peace. He is taking my selfishness and showing me His generosity. He is taking my conditional love and teaching me to love the way Jesus loves: with no strings attached. No more wondering if they love me back, and from that deciding if I’ll continue to love them. No more expecting things in return. Pure, unconditional love is what He’s showing me right now. 


In this time of letting things go in order to receive all that He has for me, there is one thing that I will never let go of, and that is the Giver of every good and perfect gift. 


To everything there is a season. 

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