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J O flipping Y.

– a good feeling in the SOUL, produced by the Holy Spirit, as He causes us to see the beauty of Christ in the Word and in the world (John Piper).

This three letter word describes my life lately. Pure, unexplainable joy is what my heart sings. When my circumstances aren’t up to par and the world is screaming for me to be offended, bitter, petty and scared, the Lord instills joy into the depths of my soul. Joy that isn’t dependent on what’s in front of me, what I see or how I feel. It’s the doesn’t-make-sense kind of joy.


I haven’t always had this kind of joy, it is actually quite new to me. 

In order to receive a gift, we must spend time with the one that gives it. No matter how bad someone wants to give us a gift, they will never have the opportunity to do so unless we see them face to face and are close enough for them to be able to extend their arms and place the gift into our hands. 

The Lord DESIRES to give us great gifts!!

Going to church on Sunday isn’t bringing us close enough to receive this gift, though. A Bible study doesn’t get us there, either, nor does striving for perfection so that we can impress other Christians with our “holiness” (let’s be honest, this one’s impossible anyways). (Don’t get me wrong, going to church is important, just as bible studies are, but it should be out of the overflow of the heart that’s set on Jesus that drives us to do these things, not some sense of obligation to be a “good christian”, whatever that is). 

More than anything God desires a close relationship with His children. In this time of change in my life, I have been learning something new every day it seems. God is teaching me that He cares more about me spending time with Him than He does me doing things “for Him”. He is showing me that He values my “yes” over my memorizing verses that allow me to paint a pretty picture for others to see. That simple obedience, in even the most minute areas of my life = the GREATEST JOY I have ever known. Boy is it tough to begin with. When the Lord calls us to take action, whether that be to witness to our friends who don’t know Jesus, or to travel the world and be a missionary, it can be SO dang scary. and intimidating. and frustrating. and uncomfortable. but let me tell you, it is oh so rewarding!!! 

When we focus on simply loving on the Lord is when we are close enough to receive the gifts that He wants to give us!!

My prayer for each of you reading is the same prayer I have for myself, and it is that being uncomfortable would be our new place of comfort, that each bold “yes” to the Lord becomes easier and easier, less and less intimidating, until we are at the point of not giving it a second thought when the Holy Spirit prompts us to move.  

It honestly still feels so weird to be writing blogs that I know people are reading, and it is very humbling as I am preaching to myself with every word that I type. My intentions with the blogs are to keep them almost the way I would a personal journal, reflecting on what the Lord has done and is doing in and around me, all with the purpose of bringing glory to Him. I also want to be a source of encouragement for each of you to be bold in your faith and in whatever the Lord is calling you to, because He calls each of us to something! :)

“Come what may, I will obey

‘Cause I find my JOY in bringing you praise 

I will obey You

God, whatever men may say

I stand on promises I know my God has made

With no regrets in me, my lips will praise Your name

And although the earth gives way, I will not be afraid 


‘Cause You are the Lord of Lords, You open every door

You stand in victory and now my heart is Yours

I will trust in You, God, and I will not be moved

When persecution comes, I choose to stand with You.”

-Come What May, Lindy Conant

Until next time, 

Megan Staten 

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